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Transit High-roof, Long: How to Install the Adventure Wagon Modular Conversion System

This guide is for installing the entire Adventure Wagon Interior kit in a 2015-present Transit high-roof, long van.

Any additional written build notes below will be the most up-to-date instructions and the video should be used as a baseline.

Installation can be done over four days. It helps to have two people for A-frame bracing, track and panel installation.

  • Day 1: Van preparation, Install fans, run electrical harness
  • Day 2: A-Frame bracer installation
  • Day 3: Hushmat, insulation, Reinstall front headliner, Finish electrical wiring under the seatbase to the battery.
  • Day 4: Wall panel and track installation, reinstall B-Pillar covers and driver seat

View our list of recommended tools for the job here.

Step 1:

Introduction and van preparation


Van preparation

Step 2:

Fan installation

Fan installation

Fan position graph p. 1

Fan position graph p. 2

Step 3:

A-Frame wall and ceiling bracer installation

The heart of our Interior system is our A-Frame wall bracers and ceiling struts. We have modified how the wall bracers get installed please see our additional notes:

  • If your ceiling braces (ribs) are not aligned with our centering tool then refer to the video guide below for how to measure yourself and center your ceiling speed struts:
  • We are no longer using the magnets to align the wall bracers, instead we use set screws included with your kit.
  • If you've used self tapping set set screws to temporarily hold the wall track in place, please remove once the track is fastened to ensure the L track lays flat against the wall bracer
  • Be careful when drilling vertical wall bracer holes that you do not accidentally clip the wiring harness. To avoid this you can temporarily pull out the electrical harness.
  • Do not install your upper wall Thinsulate insulation until after your wiring chase is installed to avoid leaving shavings in the insulation

A-frame installation

Ceiling bracer installation

Step 4:

Cab wiring

Cab Wiring

Step 5:

Hushmat and insulation installation

Hushmat and insulation

Step 6:

Fuse block installation

Fuse block

Step 7:

Panel and L-track installation

Panel and L track