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modular interior systems for adventure vans

Van life for real life

A customer once told us "Adventure Wagon is van life for real life." She nailed it.  Life isn't static; it changes with every adventure.  This isn't an apartment on wheels. It's a rig for your favorite activities – one that can change with the seasons and your interests.  From one day to the next, year after year, the Adventure Wagon system allows you to adapt to whatever your journey requires.

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Meet the Wagoneers

With over 2,500 vans on the road, the AdWag community is dedicated and diverse. It's amazing to see what people do with their Adventure Wagons - from personal touches and customizations, to the places they go. Check out their stories in our profiles section.

Two people sitting in outdoor chairs around a campfire with their Adventure Wagon modular van behind them

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Our van configurator allows you to build your interior to match your lifestyle, from the number of passengers to your favorite activities.
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