What is Adventure Wagon?

We started customizing Mercedes Sprinter Vans because we didn’t want our adventures to feel limited by our equipment. We needed something big to fit our bikes, skis and surfboards. We also needed extra seats so we could bring our friends, and extra beds in case we didn’t have time to find a place to set up camp. A ceiling storage system was also important, so that we had an out-of-the way & easy-to-reach place to stow a ton of gear.

We also needed one van to rule it all.

We want Adventure Wagon to enable you to do more. Our products are designed with everyone in mind, with no limits.


My new Sprinter Crew van needs to wear multiple hats. I got the full AdWag RUV kit so that I can camp and carry all my bikes on the weekend and still have a weekday work van.

Ryan (AdWag customer)

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