Mercedes Sprinter 170


AWD capability with plenty of interior space for the adventurous family
For those folks who like the Sprinter 144 but need more room, there's the Sprinter 170. It’s a great choice for the family of 4+, the full-time van lifer, or anybody who needs room for their gear and doesn't want to leave the comforts of home behind.
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Quick Take

  • Base Price: $50,790 (High roof Cargo, conversion not included)
  • AW Compatibility: High Roof Crew or Cargo
  • Engine type: Diesel 3.0L 6 Cylinder (2022 and previous), or 2.0L 4 Cylinder
  • Total length: 22’ 10”

Adventure Wagon Compatibility and Other Considerations

Interior size with AW System installed*

  • 154” long (from behind the front seats to the rear trim)
  • 74.5” high
  • 69.5” – 56” wide (tapers from floor to ceiling)

*Measurements are approximate and were taken with the Adventure Wagon Interior System and Smartfloor installed.

Seating and Sleeping

The Sprinter 170 is an excellent full-time option for two people with ample space for all of the creature comforts one could need for a life on the road. It’s also a great option for the family of 4-5 as it allows room for passenger seating behind the driver seat while still providing enough space for sleeping and storage options for your weekend or extended adventures. The Adventure Wagon Interior System accommodates both Crew and Cargo models in Sprinters, so a factory backseat is an optionThe 170 can handle up to 5 Mule bags, which means you can get A LOT of gear off the floor. This, in turn, opens up the space for a multitude of options. Stack a couple MOAB beds at the back to sleep 4, and you’ll still have a wide open floor plan in the middle of the van for whatever else you can fit!

Off-road capabilities

The 170 definitely isn’t the first choice for those wanting to get too far off the beaten path. However, if you’re looking to haul the family off the pavement, a Sprinter 170 with the optional AWD package (4x4 on 2022 and earlier models) is not a bad way to go. It won’t be able to get you into some of the tighter off-road spots that you might be able to get to with a Sprinter 144, but it’ll certainly get you up the mountain during a snow storm or back into the National Forest or BLM land on some of the “less improved” roads you’re likely to come across.   


An oft-overlooked but important component to any van buying decision is the cost and time required for proper upkeep. Although they’ve earned the reputation for being a reliable vehicle, Sprinters can be more expensive to maintain due to the price of parts and the necessity to take it to a dealership to have work done.

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