9am-5pm, Monday-Friday
Compatible with: Mercedes Sprinter Van 144/170
Year 2007 and up.



If you have an existing Adventure Wagon RUV kit installed in your van all you need to do is screw the MULE to the existing RUV track on the ceiling and side walls using the included hardware that came with your order.



  1. Unpack install kit and bag
  2. Remove the side panels and set aside.
  3. Determine where on the L-Track you want to install the bag.
  4. Starting on the ceiling
    1. Set the first bolt 2 inches in from the outside of bag position on the ceiling L-Track
      1. Use a rubber grommet to hold the bolt in the L-Track
    2. Measure 22 inches from the center of the first bolt to set the center bolt
      1. Use a rubber grommet to hold the bolt in the L-Track
    3. Measure 22 inches from the center of the second bolt to set the outside bolt
      1. Use a rubber grommet to hold the bolt in the L-Track
    4. Starting from the center, bring the bag to the ceiling and use a knob nut, secure the center ceiling hole.
      1. Follow with mounting the bag on the two outside ceiling bolts using the remaining 2 knob nuts.
  5. Next beginning on the wall track work from the middle to the outsides, install 3 bolts into the L-Track aligning with the holes on the bags.
    1. Install a washer over the bag on each bolt and secure a nut on all three bolts with a 9/16th or 14mm socket.
  6. Lastly install the rigid side panels.  
    1. Notice the gray and black velcro
    2. The gray goes on the top and the black goes on the bottom.
    3. Slip the top of the panel in first behind the knob nut and working around the lower nut
    4. Confirm that the panel is snug to the outside wall of the Mule bag and is tight to the corners.
  7. Repeat for multiple bags.



  • Our Mule bags are the best way to take advantage of vertical space inside your van.

  • We designed the Mule bag to combine the durability of hard-sided cases along with the collapsibility of soft-sided luggage.

  • The result is a unique overhead storage system that is strong and lightweight, and can fold flat when not in use.