The Whits

The Whits

Norway, ME

Van name: Luna

Van type: Transit HR Long

Favorite thing about the AdWag System

Freedom to travel!

Most frequently used for

Visiting friends and family, as well as camping, biking, and hiking.

Most memorable trip or experience

We finished our conversion and immediately hit the road at the middle of September. Our initial destination was western New York to visit family and to show off our new van. After a few days there we headed north for our first camping experience in the St. Lawrence River valley.

 The camping was great! Sleeping in the van was so comfortable— a huge improvement from our years of tent camping. The bikes (stored safely in the “garage”) were used daily and it was great to come home to our van and relax.

 Satisfied with our camping test run, we headed to the Adirondacks to visit friends and “mooch dock” in driveways. We visited almost twenty friends as we slowly worked our way home to Maine. Some of the friends we have seen regularly, but a few we haven’t seen in over thirty years!

We wish it had not taken us so long to get our new van as it was delayed with the micro chip shortage. Our Adventure Wagon delivery was right on time, and we spent a few anxious months watching instruction videos and preparing for the conversion. It all worked out beautifully. In this time of COVID it’s nice to know we can move around safely and comfortably. We are ready to head to the Southwest in February to escape the Maine winter!


Two people sitting in outdoor chairs around a campfire with their Adventure Wagon modular van behind them

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