Phil P.

Phil P.

Highland Park, IL

Van name: Paceship

Van type: Transit HR Long

Favorite thing about the AdWag System

Modularity!! We have l-track floors, so there are thousands of anchor points in every direction.

Second is all the time Adventure Wagon spent engineering the parts and putting together the best options. We looked into upgrading this or that, but pretty much everything included was what we would've ended up with.

Most frequently used for

We love taking quick weekend camping trips - everything is usually already in the van so there's nothing to forget, and we're getting a lot better at building fires.

Most memorable trip or experience

We took a ten day trip from Chicago to Yellowstone a month ago, the first vacation we've taken in 18 months. The kitted van worked out great. We bet on how many days before we stayed in a hotel - my wife said 3 and I said 5... we ended up sleeping in the van the entire trip.

Our setup involves hammocks instead of a bed, so it's a lot easier to find parking when we don't have to worry about getting the van exactly level. Then in the daytime, we leave the hammocks hanging at one end and shove the fabric in the Mule bag. That gives us all the space in the van to use and move around in.

As with any project, getting the final details wrapped up take a lot longer than you expect, so we still have the windows to put in, but it's also been to test out what we do and don't like about the current view/privacy out of the van so we know better how the layout should be.

Two people sitting in outdoor chairs around a campfire with their Adventure Wagon modular van behind them

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