Straps: The unsung heroes of the adventure van world

Straps: The unsung heroes of the adventure van world

Aug 30, 2022

It's time we gave straps their due. They’re one of those van items that people don’t think too much about, but almost always need.  Beyond just keeping things organized and in their place, securing your gear (especially your heavier items) is an important safety measure that should be second nature before a trip.  

So, let’s talk straps.  Often, your run-of-the-mill strap from the hardware store just doesn’t do the job well enough. It may have a cumbersome ratcheting system or a clumsy hook on the end. Perhaps it’s the incorrect length, or maybe it’s just a piece of crap altogether. To help alleviate your gear storage woes, we’ve designed a strap kit that will cover you in just about any situation - from securing your Dometic cooler, to strapping the handlebars on your dirt bike to keep it from tipping over.

Here are some key features of the new Adventure Wagon strap systems:

Our 1” polyester strapping provides excellent strength and retains just the right stiffness to aid in feeding the strap through the cam buckle. This material resists water absorption, which can cause other straps to swell and hinder their use with the cam buckles. When it does get wet, it’s quick drying and rot resistant.  It also has a 2500 UV hour rating. 

Looped strap ends allow you to attach the strap to just about anything – carabiners, cargo D-rings, cooler handles, hooks.  They’re also lightweight when compared to the large hook-end straps commonly seen in vans, plus, they fold or roll up flat for easy storage.  The cam buckles we chose are super simple yet effective and have a 900lb rating. 

The two strap kits we are currently offering are an extensive Deluxe Cargo Kit and a more specific Cooler Kit. The Deluxe Cargo Kit includes a bigger selection of different sized straps, mating hardware, extenders, and cam buckle straps that will give you all the pieces needed to secure varied sizes of container directly to our L-Track both on the floor if you have a Smartfloor, and the side rails, depending on the use case.

There are six elements in our Deluxe Cargo Strap Kit:

  • 5’ straps with one loop end (4)
  • 6’ straps with one loop end (4)
  • 3’ extender straps with dual loops (2)
  • D-rings (for attaching to L-track) (10)
  • Carabiners (4)
  • Cam buckles with one loop end (8)

The Cooler Strap Kit is designed specifically for cooler fridges such as the Dometic products we offer.  There are four elements to the Cooler Strap Kit:

  • 5’ straps with one loop end (2)
  • 3’ extender straps with dual loops (2)
  • D-rings (for attaching to L-track) (4)
  • Cam buckles with one loop end (2)

Our strap kits are currently available for purchase on our website and ship within a 4-6 days!

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