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Adventure Wagon offers smart ways for you to modularize your van lifestyle. Whether it's biking, camping, motorcross, hauling or whatever experience you've got lined up next, Adventure Wagon is the DIY solution to outfitting your Recreational Utility Vehicle.

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AdWag Products & Services

Flooring Kits, Storage Systems, Bed & Shelving Units, Electrical, Thermal Insulations, Hush Mats, Trim Kits & More! All available in the AdWag Gear Store. (Coming Soon)

“We believe your van should wear multiple hats. Whether you're a single open road explorer or a family of six, Adventure Wagon has designed modular options for every adventurer out there!”

Josh | Adventure Wagon

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“Wherever we went we drew a crowd. People wondered where they could get our custom storage units, bed system & L-Track Rail kits for their next big adventure."