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How Our Adventure Started

We use our vans to get our gear out in the world to do what we do, whatever it may be - running rivers, chasing powder or just getting away from the city lights. An adventure van is a rig. It’s a piece of gear used to enable and enhance our life experiences. And like all our gear, we want high quality stuff that’s easy to use and that maximizes our fun.
This is why we developed the Adventure Wagon Modular Interior System.


It's A System

Our engineered interior system is designed to be installed in a few weekends by a do-it-yourselfer, or in a few days by a professional shop. The leg work of upfitting your interior has been done by us. The integrated system of wiring, ventilation, insulation, interior panels, and wall-to-wall anchor points provides a solid foundation behind your custom set-up. While speed of install is a huge benefit, your van conversion will have a professional finish with no compromise to the fit or quality.

It's Modular

Modular - Innovative, configurable sleep and storage options allow you to set up your van as dictated by your next adventure. And then your next one, and your next one. It is meant to be built upon as life dictates. Get what you need now and let it evolve as you do. Buy, sell, trade or make components that enable you to do you. We call it “future proofing” your build. Raise the MOAB bed to store your bikes under and sleep above. Fold your MONK bunk down from the wall and store your motorcycle beside you. Remove the bed in seconds and pick up a couch or simply have room to get your kids into their ski boots! When you drive the wheels off this van, move your components into your new one.

Adventure Now

Get your out there and do what you do. Do it now. Dawn patrol on the water, first tracks on the mountain, moving your friend’s couch across town. It’s not always glorious, but it’s always an adventure!