The Hightowers

The Hightowers

Los Osos, CA

Van name: Waiting for the right inspiration

Van type: Transit HR Long

Favorite thing about the AdWag System

I love my MOAB and its versatility of placement and size - I can take out the 3rd panel when traveling alone to open up space. Also the L-track because I can hang anything whether it's my hammock, lantern, bags, etc. And of course the Mule bags that fit a lot of my stuff! My husband would add the low voltage items that run off the van's starter batteries. He also has appreciated the technical support while finishing the build.

Most frequently used for

Camping first but also kayaking. I live a couple blocks from a bay and can throw my kayak under the MOAB to go for a quick paddle. I can also drive a few minutes to a State Park hang my hammock or set up a chair with a book and watch the sunset. And if I take bikes anywhere I can raise the bed up to fit them.

Most memorable trip or experience

The Eastern Sierra has always been a special place for me and I was able to enjoy it several times this year after getting my Adventure Wagon install. One trip I dropped my son to hike some of the PCT/JMT while I headed off myself to camp in a couple different canyons and mountains. I love the ease of throwing my stuff back in the van and heading out in the morning to kayak or hike, making my coffee by a lake, creek, or trail-head before heading out for the day. I don’t ever have a set plan for the day and love the flexibility of having my entire “home” with me. I can return to where I started in the morning or find a different spot. One late afternoon while sitting in camp I saw a mother and baby bear across the creek. Even though I camp a lot I have not had a good bear sighting in a while. That was exciting! I also live close to Big Sur and my Adventure Wagon set-up has made it so easy to take off spontaneously for a night or two-it’s another great place to hike in the hills, to the beach, or dip into the creek. And I can hang (literally in my hammock) in my van having happy hour while enjoying the sunset before heading back to camp!

Two people sitting in outdoor chairs around a campfire with their Adventure Wagon modular van behind them

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