Neal N D.

Neal N D.

Chicago, IL

Van name: Jedi1

Van type: Sprinter 144

Favorite thing about the AdWag System

Ease of install with a very custom and complete look. It's only been 1 year so far but the all the AW materials seem really durable.

Most frequently used for

I lived in my van this summer for about 5 months and traveled around to different places where I could park. As for activities, mostly bike related adventures!

Most memorable trip or experience

6 states and 2300 miles throughout the west this past October. Absolutely epic.

In January 2021, I took my 10-year old daughter and dog, Jedi, on a 33-day adventure from Chicago heading South to the Rio Grande River and then West to San Diego. We came back through New Mexico and spent a couple days skiing Taos!


Two people sitting in outdoor chairs around a campfire with their Adventure Wagon modular van behind them

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