Chris & Regina G

Chris & Regina G

Dublin, CA

Van name: VannaWhite

Van type: Transit HR Extended

Favorite thing about the AdWag System

We have loved the flexibility of the Adventure Wagon System.  As you can see from our pictures it has offered a very solid foundation to build our perfect adventure vehicle. The ease of the build took me four days with limited help to complete our Adventure Wagon System install, and the very solid well engineered design really allowed use to be creative in the additional build.  We were able to attach all our cabinets etc. to the L-track rail system avoiding having to drill into the van or the system in any way.  We also were able to build a unique queen size bed that folds in the rear of the van using a winch and pulley system anchored to the Adventure Wagon System.  Because of the solid system the bed is easily raised and lowered by one person, allowing for a seating/dining area when the bed is in the stowed position.

The well thought out Adventure Wagon System, including the electrical harness and easy to follow install videos allowed us to make modifications to the power outlets with minimal effort to meet our final build design.

Most frequently used for

We have been using our Adventure Wagon build for a variety of short and long trips, both on and off-grid.  We have been following the good weather in either the Sierra Mountains or along the California coast.  Future adventures will take further afield (Alaska, and Pacific Northwest)

Most memorable trip or experience

To date one of the most memorable trips has been to the Central Sierra Mountains where we explored a variety off the beaten path roads and accessing the quieter lakes throughout the region.  By having our Adventure Wagon build we are able see many of these areas before they become busy with California traffic, allowing us to stay close either off-grid or in more formal campgrounds.  During our Sierra travels we are able to enjoy some fantastic views all because of our Adventure Wagon System build.

Two people sitting in outdoor chairs around a campfire with their Adventure Wagon modular van behind them

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