Bronwyn & Jordan

Bronwyn & Jordan

Pismo Beach

Van name: MandoVan

Van type: Sprinter 144

Favorite thing about the AdWag System

We love the ability to have a fully built van one day and a moto hauler the next. We've filled the van to the brim to help a friend move one weekend, popped the bed and bags in the next weekend and want camping. No big hassle.

Most frequently used for

Making people jealous when we slide our side door open. Lol. We mainly camp/entertain. Trying to convince one of our friends to buy a van so we can help them build it out.

Most memorable trip or experience

After just barely finishing our kit in time (I'm talking like a few days before we left) we set off on a 20 something day long road trip. It was a real shake down for our craftsmanship and your kit. I will admit, we had a few hiccups installing the kit, but with your great customer service and our ability to keep moving forward, it all worked out in the end.

Our first stop was Reno, visiting the family. We were towing a boat and had some other things stuffed in the van, so the ability to adjust the bed height was a life saver.

After everything was dropped off, we were able to easily lower the bed back to our desired height. From Reno it was a mad dash through many, many states to attend a Music festival in Kansas City, where the humidity was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Good thing the kit comes with a fan to help circulate air! We kept the sliding door open most of the festival to show all those tent sleepers what they were missing out on...there were a lot of people poking their heads in and appreciating the build and saying they never could build something like that.

I felt the same way too until I came across AdWags kit. Long story short, any time someone stopped us throughout our journey, I enjoyed explaining that building a van isn't an impossible thing. I let them come in and see what an AdWag kit is, see the tracks, explain pre-wiring, the power plugs, the quality hardware etc etc.

This trip was most memorable because we have had 2 years of failed van order attempts and the 3rd one stuck. In all those years of waiting, I only had one kit in mind, and now there I was, driving across 14 states in the van my wife and I built with our own 2 hands.

Two people sitting in outdoor chairs around a campfire with their Adventure Wagon modular van behind them

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