What is the Smartfloor and why is it so awesome?

What is the Smartfloor and why is it so awesome?

Mar 3, 2022

Here at AdWag, one of the most common questions we're asked is “How can I seat and sleep more than two people in my van?” The simple answer is to get the Sprinter “Crew” model which offers a 3-person bench seat just inside the slider door. This is a great option for lots of people, but with limited crew van availability, lack of seating modularity, and a bulky 3-seater bench taking up precious space, it’s not always the solution people need. 

Enter the Smartfloor, distributed in the U.S. by RRE-Global. Originally designed for mobility vans, it has proven to be an excellent option for camper conversions as well. When it comes to flexible seating arrangements – taking seats in and out or adjusting their position – the Smartfloor is a great option. 


The Smartfloor is an engineered flooring system that offers L-Track based modular seating options. It allows you to have flexible, safety rated seating for the cabin of your campervan which opens up all kinds of options for the layout of your build. You no longer have to design your entire build around a fixed bench seat that, for all practical reasons, doesn’t move. It also means that you can start with a bare-bones Sprinter or Transit cargo van (which will not have any options for factory seating in the rear) and add however many seats you need to the back. Because it’s an L-track based system, you have almost unlimited flexibility in where those seats get placed as well. You can also choose from a wide array of seats like their Smart Seat line of captain’s chairs, or the premium Scheel-Mann seats. When they’re attached to the Smart Leg system, moving your seats around the van couldn’t be easier. You simply disengage the latches, and wheel them around.

Smartleg System

Scheel-Mann Seat

Smart Seat

There are also seat options that convert into a bed like the FASP 509 seat bench. This opens up lots of options for other aspects of your build because of your ability to make things multi-purpose. 

Even if you don’t need extra seating. The Smartfloor can be incredibly useful because it gives you more attachment points for storage systems, galleys, and other general cargo control. Slide-out trays, wheel well boxes and partitions can become modular aspects of the build-out because they can bolt directly to the L-Track. When combined with the Adventure Wagon interior system, your van can turn into a Swiss Army Knife of modularity!

Two people sitting in outdoor chairs around a campfire with their Adventure Wagon modular van behind them

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