So We did a little collaboration with Winnebago...

So We did a little collaboration with Winnebago...

Jan 26, 2023

If you’re into outdoor recreation, you probably already know who Winnebago is. Quickly approaching their 65th anniversary, the company is renowned for making the outdoors more accessible and comfortable, which is why we were so excited to collaborate with them recently on a limited edition, co-branded van. Only a select number will be available, and will include Winnebago and Adventure Wagon components, plus a few optional add-ons. The end result? The Winnebago + Adventure Wagon van.

These 2022 Mercedes Sprinter 170 dually chassis vans will feature our Modular Interior System with its signature versatility. The build comes standard with our MOAB elevator bed, which can be moved up, down or removed altogether. Adventure Wagon Mule Bags are included for overhead storage, plus dimmable lights, 12V & USB outlets, sound deadening, and insulation. 

Winnebago will also offer additional upgrades, including the company’s popular WinnSleep mattress. The floor plan provides modular seating options, kitchen galley and refrigeration components, a potable water system, a self-contained toilet, and a separate 120vac power supply.

Vans will start arriving at Winnebago dealerships in early Spring.  Winnebago will be working with specific dealer partners and will release more details shortly. In the interim, if you have questions, please reach out to Winnebago’s Concierge center at 833-714-1224.

What's Included:

Functional Features

The Winnebago + Adventure Wagon vans come with a kitchen galley, cooler refrigerator,  potable water system, self-contained toilet, and a separate 120vac power supply. It’s thoughtfully designed to be a versatile camper that’s ready for any adventure.

Unparalleled Versatility

The Smartfloor seating system allows you to rearrange the seat configuration, and the MOAB bed can adjust down to the wheel wells or up near the ceiling thanks to our L-Track system - or take everything out completely if you need to make a drywall run. We devised our system to adapt to whatever activity you set out to do, no matter the season. There’s plenty of room to safely transport bikes, skis, climbing gear and more inside the van, so you’re not limited in what you can do.

Mercedes-Benz Chassis

The proven and trusted Sprinter platform incorporates advanced Mercedes-Benz tech and safety features to provide a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Built for Adventure

The 3.6kwh EcoFlowTM Lithium Generator delivers clean reliable power from a single unit, while the mobile app helps you manage power consumption. WiFi and Bluetooth® capable and has a variety of outlets to fit all your charging needs.


Home is home when you can make it your own, and our L-Track makes it possible. Whether you just want to hang a hammock from the ceiling for some R&R after a hike or want to create a work-from-van (WFV) office, the ability to create custom solutions that will work in tandem with the L-Track system makes the Adventure Wagon interior a blank canvas for what suits your needs.

Two people sitting in outdoor chairs around a campfire with their Adventure Wagon modular van behind them

Upgrade Your Adventures

Our van configurator allows you to build your interior to match your lifestyle, from the number of passengers to your favorite activities.
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