Adventure Wagon RUV Interior Kit for Sprinter 170

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Our RUV kits provide a complete interior built out solution for sprinter vans designed around specific track mounting positions for MOAB Beds, Mule storage lockers and future AdWag furniture and accessories. RUV kits target DIY and commercial van up fitters who want to save time, money and endless hours combing through the internet by having CNC'd panels, formed trim pieces and the anchor tracks for a complete Adventure Wagon RUV.


  • Precut RUV mounting track system for adding Mule Bags, MOAB elevator Bed, future accessories along with gear tie-downs 
  • the Moab Elevator Bed
  • Two Mule overhead storage lockers
  • Precut fabric-wrapped wall panels with 12V and USB accessory plugs
  • Sound and hydrophobic Thermal insulation (Hushmat, 3M)
  • Custom molded fabric-wrapped trim pieces 
  • Ceiling lighting panel with 6 marine grade LED lamps
  • Two Maxxfan deluxe fans with climate control and remote
  • AdWags electrical harness that mounts under the driver seat along with fuse box and wiring kit.
Our RUV kit provides a wall, trim and ceiling solution for installers while we leave the choice for flooring options as a separate purchase from us or stock OEM.

The kit provides a significant time and cost savings for Sprinter van owners who desire a premium solution without having to wait in line and pay more for an up fitters "bolt it down" forever solution.

If you want flexibility and upgradability for your Sprinter build then email us at or give us a call at 503.427.0140. We can help answer any questions you may have, give you a quote and provide the latest on our installation partners.