MULE Overhead Storage Locker

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Our MULE’s are the best way to take advantage of vertical space inside your Van or SUV. We designed MULE to combine the durability of hard-sided cases along with the collapsibility of soft-sided luggage. The result is a unique overhead storage system that is strong and lightweight, yet can fold flat when not needed.


  • 150 Liters of storage (9200 cu in). The equivalent of two large expedition backpacks.
  • Install and take down in minutes. Collapses into a flat pack.
  • Wood panel inserts add strength and shape to the bags.
  • External pockets and webbing allow for quickly securing external gear.
  • Big 19 x 12 inch door openings along with a magnetic door flap allows quick and easy retrieval for your stuff.
  • Made with rip stop water resistant nylon fabric.


MULE Installs instantly in vehicles that already have AdWag’s RUV mounting tracks. For other vehicles an installation kit is required that requires drilling and mounting two L Track surface mount supports using RivNuts. The MULE installation kit can be ordered separately.


We just increased our production capacity for MULE storage lockers and have availability. 

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