MULE Storage Locker Installation Kit

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The MULE Storage Locker Installation Kit is for stock Sprinters and other vehicles that haven't already been built out with Adventure Wagons RUV Kit (L Track).

We strongly recommend that you install MULE's with a four foot section of L Track that is attached via rivnuts to the support framing of your vehicle.  Installing this typically involves removing your headliner, setting the rivnuts with a nut setter tool and then mounting the L track rail on top of your headliner.

Once L Track has been installed the MULE Bags can be screwed into the L Track using the 6 nuts that are included already with your MULE bag order.

A MULE installation guide can be downloaded here.


(2) 48 inch L Track surface mount aluminum tracks. One mounts on the ceiling and the other mounts along the wall of the vehicle.

10 rivnut insert and nut pairs (M6) for attaching L Track to your vehicle wall.


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