DELTA Sprinter Rear Step Bumper

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This Delta Sprinter Van Rear Step custom bumper from Delta Vehicle Systems is Laser cut and welded with tubes.
It bolts on to a Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2018 Class III hitch. The hitch should have a tag with the numbers: 0107.3304.001. 
If your bumper measures out to the last photo, you are a perfect candidate for this custom Delta Rear Step Bumper. 


  • Quick and easy install with 3 bolts and nut pairs on either side of the securement plates lock it strongly on to the hitch.
  • Built in ramp securement points. This system triangulates and secures the ramp for easy loading and unloading of toys and cargo from your Sprinter. (*Ramp not included*)

The DELTA-Model 10092 Sprinter rear step bumper is a simple 3 step install.


1. Line up bumper with the OEM hitch.

2. Slip onto OEM hitch side plates.

3. Bolt on the securment brackets to lock it on the vehicle. ---

**If your hitch measures out like it does in the last photos, your Sprinter is a perfect candidate. ---