Wall & Ceiling Insulation

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Wall & Ceiling Insulation


We use 3M Automotive Thinsulate #710 gsm for wall and ceiling insulation.  This particular version was recommended to us by 3M automotive and is double black scrim, double embossed and lofts to a 44mm thickness.  We offer insulation rolls that are pre marked with our templates for Sprinter vans so all you have to do is cut them out saving hours of time.  If you want to cut the panels yourself, we also offer unmarked rolls sold by the linear foot.


  • Template marked insulation for Sprinter vans
  • Sprinter van 144
  • Sprinter van 170
  • $10.00/Linear Foot

Production Time

  • In stock


  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Model 144 & 170
  • Ford Transit
  • RAM ProMaster
  • Any van conversion


  • 44mm thickness
  • Width 5 feet


  • Double black scrim
  • Double embossed

Options & Upgrades

  • Adventure Wagon marks template outlines on the fabric rolls to save you hours of time
  • Choose templates for Sprinter Models 144 or 170
  • Unmarked insulation lengths of 15 feet and 20 feet are also available


  • DIY or Certified Adventure Wagon Installer


  • We recommend 60 LF for Sprinter Models 144 for ceiling and walls
  • We recommend 75 LF for Sprinter Models 170 for ceiling and walls
  • Contact us at info@adventurewagon.com if you have any questions.  


  • Shipping is $3 per linear foot
  • Shipping rates are currently only for the lower 48 States.
  • Fed-Ex Ground