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Sprinter 144 / 170: How to install the vertical wall bracers for your MOAB adjustable bed  

MOAB adjustable beds require that our vertical wall bracers (sold separately) need to be installed in the walls of your van. If you have purchased a van with our complete interior system then you already have the wall bracers installed. If not then you need to install them. Once you have the vertical wall bracers installed it takes only a few minutes to screw in the MOAB bed to your desired height using the included L Track hardware.

We have two different versions of vertical wall bracers: our original V1 wall bracer and our latest V2 wall bracer. The V1 vertical wall bracer installs in the rear window frame of the van, while the V2 vertical bracers install floor to ceiling and allow for wider and more vertical mounting choices for the bed. V2 allows for flarespace flares and wider rear aftermarket windows.


V1 Wall Bracer: 2007+ Sprinter 144/170 passenger vans*, crew vans and cargo vans. High roof & low roof

V2 Wall Bracer: 2007+ Sprinter 144/170 High roof cargo vans, with and without Flarespace flares

* passenger vans require a small notch to be cut out of the ceiling headliner and the rear vertical bar covers part of the window

Sprinter V2 Bed Wall Bracer Installation:

144 V2 Bracer Install

170 V2 Bracer Addendum

Sprinter V1 Bed Wall Bracer Installation:

144 V1 Bracer Install

144/170 V1 PDF Instructions

Fastening MOAB Adjustable Bed to the Van

Bed installation and usage