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Installation Summary

This installation guide is for the entire Adventure Wagon Interior kit to get installed in a 2007-2020 170 Sprinter Van. There are a few differences with electrical installation between the NCV3 (2018-) and VS30 (2019+) sprinters for electrical wiring and it will be noted below.   Also the guide is targeted for Crew and Cargo version vans. If you have a Passenger vans there will be some customization required in the ceiling for Air Conditioning units as well as leaving the rear wall panels off where windows are present. Please call our tech support team for more clarity on passenger installs.

It should also be noted that any PDF or written instructions will be the most up-to-date instructions and the video should be used as a baseline.

Installation can be done over four days. It helps to have two people for A-frame bracing, track and panel installation.

Day 1: Van preparation, Install fans, run electrical harness, install Hushmat

Day 2: A-Frame bracer installation

Day 3: Insulation, Reinstall front headliner, Finish electrical wiring under the seatbase to the battery.

Day 4: Wall panel and track installation, reinstall B-Pillar covers and driver seat

Step 1: Van Preparation & Remove Headliner

Overview of Tools you will need

Removing the headliner in a 2019+ Sprinter Van

Step 2: Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Kit Unboxing

Ceiling Fan Install on 144

Rear Ceiling Fan Install on 170

Step 3: Run Electrical Harness

Cabin Electrical Kit Unboxing

Installing Cabin Electrical Harness - 170

Installing End Connectors to the Electrical Harness - 170

Step 4: Hushmat

Hushmat Insulation Unboxing

Hushmat Installation

Step 5: A-Frame Bracer Install

A-Frame wall bracing unboxing

A-Frame wall installation - 170

Wall installation video update 1: We have modified the installation for the A-Frame wall bracers. We are no longe providing a keyed insert for the lower rear vertical bracer. An updated video will be posted shortly. Please call customer support if you have any questions.

Wall installation video update 2: We have simplified the fastening for our wall bracers. Please see the following video update for more information

A-Frame Ceiling Unboxing

Ceiling installation helpful tip: Please pay make sure and double check that your L track is centered on the ceiling strut using our alignment tool prior to fastening. It's best to use two people for this portion of the install.

A-Frame Ceiling Install 170

A-Frame Ceiling Wiring Chase 170

Rear Doors & Sliding Door 170

Step 6: Insulation

Insulation Kit Unboxing 170

Insulation Installation

Step 7: Electrical Wiring Under Seat

Fuse Block Connections to 2019+ Starting Battery

Fuse Block Connections to 2019+ Sprinter Auxiliary Battery

Fuse Block Connections to 2018- Starting Battery

Fuse Block Connections to 2018- Sprinter Auxiliary Battery

Step 8: Final Assembly

Wall Panel and Track Installation

2019 Front Headliner Installation

2019 Driver Seat Installation



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