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Adventure Wagon RUV Interior Kit - The Ultimate Multi-Use Platform

We have designed this system to give the most modularity for a base system available and developed the system into a series of components for ease of installation.

Our team has engineered an interior support system that allows you to safely install interior components to the van through the use of stout support bracers, strong fasteners, and well placed tracks to secure accessories such as beds, storage lockers, and gear.

The Adventure Wagon interior system includes structural supports, an electrical solution, sound and temperature insulation, ventilation, upholstered panels, and high quality finishes and fittings.

Structural Support

Our wall bracers and track system gives strength, structure, and functionality to your interior.

The track system provides attachment points for accessories and seamlessly finishes the upholstered wall panels.

There are 3 main categories of track; vertical wall tracks, horizontal wall tracks, and ceiling tracks.

Vertical Wall tracks are installed with wall bracers and to structural members of the van to support heavy loads such as our MOAB Bed and Monk Bunk.

Horizontal Wall Tracks distribute loads across the length of the van increasing the load capacity of the tracks.

Ceilling Tracks are attached to a series of AW engineered bracers providing endless combinations of attachment points throught the interior of the van.

Electrical Solutions

The cleanest, fastest way to install electrical connections to the cabin of your van.

Our Electrical Harness is a complete wiring solution for upfitters who want the quality of a professionally-engineered wiring harness and want to save time on installation.  

We offer wiring harnesses that start at the driver’s base, run down both sides of your van, and provide connections for common accessories.

The kit is complete with all necessary breakers, fuse blocks and connections for Sprinter main starter batteries or auxiliary batteries configurations.

This is a streamlined, modular, rattle free way to add power to your van conversion.


Our insulation approach is three fold.

We want to dampen road noise and create an insulated envelope for hot and cold climates.  

First we begin with Hushmat sound deading products to absorb the sheet metal vibration that occurs while driving.

Next we add 2 layers of a hydrophobic 3M Thinsulate insulation creating an insulating layer to the van.

We back our marine grade plywood panels with a layer of reflective insulation providing an additional layer between your van interior and the elements outside.


Adventure Wagon Interior Kits offers the MaxxFan Deluxe fans included in the build.

We recommend using two fans for best interior air circulation.

Using this great fan as the base of our kit, we've added a CNC-ed marine plywood mounting base, Extreme Sealing 3M mounting tape, trimmed the fan shroud to fit the Adventure Wagon ceiling kit and added electrical connectors.

We have worked the kinks out making a watertight installation a breeze.

Upholstered Paneling

Our approach has always been to use the best possible products and finishes for our interiors.

We have created custom molded window liners and trim pieces to make your conversion have a professional look.

Fabric covered marine grade plywood panels are designed to last.

Each panel is upholstered and finished with a reflective insulation material.

The panels are secured with our track system and are designed to use the least amount of visible hardware to secure them into place.

We offer our LED light, ceiling panel in either upholstered fabric or finished bamboo plywood.

Finishes and Fittings

We have based this system on quality components from the the very first kit we installed.

We believe that by building a van correctly the first time, it will insure years of carefree travel and give you the most flexibility with your investment.

Adventure Wagon's Modular Interior System is a solution to a complex building process, not a bag of parts.