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Frequently Asked Questions
What vans do you make Modular Interior Systems for?
Our kits are specifically  engineered for 2007 and newer Mercedes-Benz/Dodge/Freightliner Sprinter vans. This includes 144" and 170" wheelbase high roof models. Crew, cargo, and passenger models all work with our kit. Ford Transits kits are almost here and Ram ProMaster will follow after. Many of our individual components are suitable for use in other vans. See product descriptions for more information.


Do you recommend a Crew, Cargo, or Passenger model?

There are pros and cons to each choice and ultimately it comes down to how you will use your adventure van and what's most important to you. 

     Crew - Comes with a 2nd row of seats giving safe seating for 5 and factory mounts to relocate the seat if desired. Most of the interior trim must be removed (and scrapped/sold) when installing our interior system.    

     Cargo - Comes without interior panels which means less work installing your new interior. The cargo model does lack a B-pillar cover as it was built to accept a bulkhead/divider behind the front seats.  The sliding door seal is also not as effective as the Crew or Passenger seal. Typically will not have a factory installed 2nd row of seating although some dealers or DIYers can add this fairly easily. Generally less expensive than the other options and more available used.

     Passenger - Usually built with more seats and windows than most Adventure Wagon customers prefer. Our rear-most MOAB wall bracers will be installed in front of the window limiting some visibility and leaving the brace exposed (not covered with a wall panel). If your van has the factory rear-passenger AC some modifications to you ceiling track bracers and ceiling panels will be necessary.

Moab bed installed in Spinter Passenger van

Moab bed installed in Spinter Passenger van

Does your system work with CR Lawrence rear windows or Flarespace bump-outs?

Yes, but with one important note. Our rear-most MOAB wall bracers will be installed in front of the window or flarespace opening, limiting some functionality and leaving the brace exposed (not covered with a wall panel). See above photos for fitment in passenger van.

Do you offer installation?

No, we only offer the components and do not install any product. If you need assistance with your installation consider contacting one of our Authorized Installers or attending one of our Builder's Workshops.

How long does it take to install the Modular Interior System?

Our system is designed to be installed using basic handtools without customizing or fabricating. Because skill level is difficult to quantify and varies widely from person to person, we can't guaranty a specific installation time. Our experience is that most people can install it in a few weekends with the help of a friend or two. A recent YouTube reviewer completed his install in 8 days with some help from his wife.
Are special tools needed for installation?
Most of the required tools are common to the average handyman. Notable exceptions are interior panel removal tools (readily available and inexpensive), a Rivnut installer, a rivet installer, and a compressor to operate these last two. See the video that explains these tools in more detail.