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Compatible with: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van 144/170
Year 2007 and up



This guide will show you how to install the RUV Electrical harness in a Sprinter 144 (2007+).  

It takes about 2-3 hours for first timers to complete the install.

We have included all of the necessary wiring, connectors, fuses and breakers to power the lights, fans, USB and 12V jacks.  

In addition we provide cabling for additional accessories like a diesel heater or electric awning.

The electrical kit is installed in two phases. First we connect up the harness from the battery along both sides of the van.

After we complete the insulation step we then prep the wall connectors for lighting, fans, USB and 12 Volts accessories

Electrical Harness Installation Video

What's in the Kit

The Electrical kit box contains:

  • Battery / Circuit Breaker 4AWG Cable

  • 15 Amp Fuse Block

  • Driver side 12 AWG Harness

  • Passenger side 12 AWG Harness

  • Zip Ties

  • USB/12V Terminal Connection Cables

  • Fan Connection Cables

  • USB and 12 Volt Outlet Jacks

What Else is Needed?

  • Heat Gun, wire stripper and crimp tool, cordless drill


Summary of The Steps (2-3 Hours)

  • Feed passenger-side harness from top of B Pillar down under seat bases to Driver Seat

  • Feed driver-side harness from top of Driver B Pillar down under driver seat

  • Connect up vehicle battery to a circuit breaker and fuse block under the driver seat

  • Feed passenger harness towards the rear of the van

  • Feed driver-side harness towards the rear of the van

Continue on with the rest of the build through the insulation step:

  • Finish wiring by crimping quick connect plugs from the harness to the accessories (fan, 12volt, USB and ceiling lights)

Detailed Electrical Installation Instructions

Electrical Under Driver Seat

Electrical Harness Distribution



  • The cleanest, fastest way to install electrical connections to the cabin of your van.

  • The kit is complete with all necessary breakers, fuse blocks and connections for Sprinter main or AUX batteries.

    This is a streamlined, modular, rattle free way to add power to your van conversion.