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ADVENTURE WAGON Modular Interior Conversion for Vans

4-Day Install

We provide you with two options for your customized van conversion...

Start with the Adventure Wagon Interior System as your base for a DIY project or contact one of our certified Adventure Wagon Installers to fully customize and build your Adventure Wagon.

The leg work of upfitting your interior has been done for you! Our engineered Modular Interior System is designed to be installed within a few days as a DIY project or by a certified professional within our network. The integrated system of wiring, ventilation, insulation, interior panels, and wall-to-wall anchor points provides you with a solid foundation for your customized van. While fast installation is a huge benefit, your van conversion will have a professional finish with no compromise to the fit or quality.

Innovative sleep and storage options gives you versatility to set up your van for work, solo adventures and getaways with loved-ones, friends and family. Don't let your van dictate your next adventure! That's why we provide you with modular options! Our interior system is meant to be built upon as your life dictates. Get what you need now and let your van evolve as you do. Buy, sell, trade or make your components that enable YOU to do YOU.

Raise the MOAB bed for high-storage packed with your gear or as a sleeping option with your bikes underneath. Fold your MONK bunk down from the wall and store your motorcycle beside you. Remove the bed in seconds and pick up a couch or simply have room to get your kids into their ski boots! When you drive the wheels off this van, move your Adventure Wagon interior and its components into your new vehicle to continue your adventures.