RUV Interior Kits for Sprinter Vans

Adventure Wagon was born out of the notion that your van is a rig. It is a tool to get you and your gear where you want to go. By standardizing the anchor tracks and building accessories that can bolt in and easily be removed your AdWag goes from a camper to a toy hauler to the work truck you use to grab plywood within minutes.

We call it the RUV or recreational utility van.

RUV kits provide an interior build out solution for sprinter vans designed around specific track mounting positions for MOAB Beds, Mule storage lockers and future AdWag furniture and accessories. RUV kits target DIY and commercial van up fitters who want to save time, money and endless hours combing through the internet by having CNC'd panels, formed trim pieces and the anchor tracks for a complete Adventure Wagon RUV.