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Bed Install Kit for Transit



Newest version of the Installation Kit for MOAB Bed & Monk Bunk for the Sprinter 144.


Our newest model includes the following improvements:

  • Install the MOAB bed as low as the wheelwells and as high as the ceiling with floor-to-ceiling track
  • Install TWO MOABs with plenty of room for all sleepers.
  • Flarespace and full-window compatible
  • Forward-compatible if you choose to install the V2 Modular Interior System (Click for details) so you can start your build with the bed and add the rest of the system later.

Engineered wall bracers that install in the walls of your van to add the needed support and mounting points for your track systems. Built specifically to install our MOAB Bed, this kit provides substantially more strength than simply attaching directly to the Sprinter bracing and has many other applications. 


$650.00 with bare aluminum track

$700.00 with black anodized track 

Production Time

2-3 weeks


  • Sprinter Van 2007 and newer, 144 wheelbase, High Roof models
  • Passenger vans will require significant modification of the OEM interior panels to use this installation kit. Consider the V1 Install Kit for passenger vans.Click here for details.


  • 4 steel wall-bracers  
  • 4 vertical L-track rails
  • All installation hardware


  • Provides exceptional load strength for mounting our sleeping systems and other heavy loads
  • Vertical tracks allow you to raise or lower the bed quickly to multiple heights



  • Order online or contact us at info@adventurewagon.com if you have any questions.  


  • Fed-Ex Ground
  • Shipping rates are currently only for the lower 48 States.

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