Transit MOAB bed released - Order Now!

Welcome to MOAB - the Mother Of All Beds - for your Ford Transit van. Our MOAB has been wildly popular with Sprinter owners for years and now the same good night's sleep and highly-configurable installation is available for your Transit.

The MOAB platform provides the flexibility to quickly mount the bed at different heights or remove it in seconds to maximize your cargo needs. In the High-roof 148" WB Transit, the MOAB can be mounted as low as 10.5" from the floor or as high as 67.5". An all-new, easy to install mounting system was developed specifically for the Transit and accepts the strong, light, modular bed panels also used in the Sprinter.

The Transit Moab bed is future-compatible with additional Transit products to be released early in 2019. Order now for priority delivery of your MOAB bed and the new Adventure Wagon products as soon as they are available.

Delivery of the MOAB expected to start by March 15th. Click here to order!


Bill Rashid
June 03, 2020 at 13:57

Hi. I just ordered a 2020 Ford Transit cargo van. It will be equipped with with the cargo wall protection panels. Can I mount the bed over those panel? Also is it a job I can do myself with medium level skills or do I need it professionally installed?
Bill Rashid

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