Introducing the RUV by Adventure Wagon

I've always wanted an adventure wagon.  What can i say, I am blessed with the wanderlust bug.  Yet when i finally bit the bullet and ordered a new Sprinter van I didn't realize at the time how vast and unchartered the world of Van upfitting has become.  And expensive.

I bought a sprinter crew van because that felt what was right for me, but that also meant the that back of the van was largely unfinished.  No problem i figured because I could always get someone to finish it for me.  Yet when i looked at getting the van finished i found only a few very expensive worlds out there:  

(1) companies that wanted to turn my new van into a full fledged RV or

(2) companies that wanted to specialize my needs around a specific set of sports i had in mind... namely biking.

And these companies wanted over $40k more than what i paid for the van... and I really wanted a jack-of-all-trades van.  One that i could store 4 bikes in (because they are expensive!), camp in the summer, Haul the family for skiing in the winter.  My current SUV carries all of this stuff on the roof. I figured what i needed was the equivalent of my Yakima cargo and sports rack on the roof to be brought inside the van. along with storage, safe seating and a bed when i needed.

Ready to give up I met Chad, the owner of Adventure Wagon.  After talking to him it was clear to me his Van-life vision and my needs are aligned around a concept he calls the  RUV or recreational utility van.  Welcome to my world RUV.