April Van of the Month Winner!

Patrick W. is our selection for AdWag of the Month and he will receive an Adventure Wagon Swag Pack. Patrick really went after his install and with the help of friends and family started enjoying his custom rig in a very short time.

To enter for next month's contest, please send us your contact info, as many photos as you want, and the details of your adventuring to info@adventurewagon.com. Tell us how and where you use it, cool mods you’ve made, gear you’re hauling, and how the Adventure Wagon Modular Interior System works for your life. We’ll pick a winner each month to get some cool swag and feature on our website and Instagram page.

Here's Patrick's story:

"I took my van to Sun Valley/Ketchum Idaho just after the holiday on a shake down cruise. Snow shoes and ski’s loaded, folding bike, and gear I was off. While not intending it to be a four season van, she performed extremely well in all areas, superb traction, warm at all times and comfortable. The insulation proved to be more then adequate and the interior was a hit to all who viewed her and the functionality of all the systems was 9 out of 10.  She was dubbed the Taj Mahal.
Adventure Wagon systems surpassed all expectations,  here are a few shots of my trip and my van, my design and effort to get out there with the help of those who created a kit that a person with minimal skills and a little imagination, some effort and a couple sixpacks can do.
I started this build from nothing on November 4th of 2018 and completed it to this stage by Christmas of the same year, to its present state. with my sisters help and the help of a friend who made the cabinet from a mock up I made to insure the fit , with some flooring and varnishing to come, this is my build, it is intended to tease me constantly to get out and explore’ and I think it’s working. Get out there!

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